Mixed Colour Confetti

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If you don't want to be committed to any particularly colour scheme but still want the celebratory look, these are the petals for you! Just imagine a riot of colour and flowers raining down on the bridal couple.

They have all been freeze dried so they will not wilt, rot or stain and will last for weeks without any special storage requirements.  No preservatives or artificial colourings are used, ever, which make them completely non-toxic and biodegradable.

Most venues are happy to accept freeze dried petals because they won't damage flooring or furnishings and are easy to clear up.  In fact they are completely eco-friendly so when the petals have fulfilled their purpose, they can be added to a compost heap and returned to the earth!

8 cups will be sufficient for 16 guests.....handfuls, tossing cones or organza bags.