Storing and Using our Petals

We send our freeze dried petals in sealed 2 Liter/8 cup plastic bags which in turn are packed in cardboard boxes.

Whilst sealed in their bags, the petals will be quite dry and brittle.  This is normal as we want the petals to retain their freshness as much as possible, however you will need to take care when handling the bags and resist squishing them!

To store the petals, please keep the petals sealed in their bags, in the cardboard box they arrived in, in a temperate indoor indoor cupboard is good.

Please do not store them in a freezer or refrigerator or sprinkle them with water.

About a day or two before the event, open up the bags or decant the petals carefully in to a basket so that the petals can reabsorb atmospheric humidity and become soft and flexible again.  Naturally they will never be the same as fresh petals as they have been dehydrated, but they will be much more flexible and softer than when they were in their bags.

If you are in a rush to get the petals softer....this can happen! up the bags or decant the petals in to a basket and place them in a bathroom or shower room after having run hot water for a few minutes.  The steam/humidity will help to get them to their softer state more quickly but it will still take a few hours.

Please do not sprinkle them with water to hurry up the process.

The only thing left to do is to do is place the petals in a basket or little organza bags or tossing cones ready to be used.

How easy is that?!